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Philippines Joins Growing List of Countries Barring Shrimp Imports

We are dealing with a disease unknown to us, all the more that measures must be undertaken. -Philippines BFAR Aquatic Resources Director Asis G. Perez I spent a month last summer as an embedded journalist with a scientific expedition that travelled to … Continue reading

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Two Icelandic Fisheries Being Assessed for MSC Certification

If Iceland Sustainable Fisheries (ISF) gets its wish, two Icelandic fisheries will be certified as sustainable and well-managed fisheries by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and will be eligible to carry the MSC ecolabel by the end of the year.  We … Continue reading

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Open Season on Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper?

I have been covering the Gulf of Mexico red snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) fishery and the ongoing battle between state and federal fisheries managers on how to best manage that fishery when it comes to recreational angling. Louisiana State University fisheries professor James Cowan … Continue reading

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Red Snapper, State Rights and the Data – Battle Lines Drawn in the Gulf of Mexico

Hunting and fishing are big business in the Gulf states (we’re talking Gulf of Mexico here), and so it comes as no surprise that state agencies charged with managing natural resources in those states often aggressively advocate on behalf of … Continue reading

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Isn’t it Time We Support Truly Sustainable Fisheries?

Developed nations view ‘beachfront property’ as an exclusive, premium property. In our case, [it is] inundation, overfishing, hardship, and challenging as we continue to live on it as ‘home’. – Marshall Islands Fisheries Director Glen Joseph I report quite frequently on … Continue reading

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Chile Seeks Balance between Growth and the Protection of Natural Resources

Growth ambitions for production and export of Chilean food products, including seafood, are based on the principle of sustainable development. Both public and private sectors in Chile are convinced that it is of vital importance to achieve a balance between … Continue reading

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Unanimous Committee Vote on LD 1097

Today was potentially make-or-break day for LD 1097, a bill that would make it legal for groundfishermen to land lobster bycatch in Maine. In a unanimous vote today, the Maine Legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Marine Resources voted down the Bill, suggesting … Continue reading

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