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I found this opinion piece in the Anchorage Daily News by Kelly Harrell, executive director of the Alaska Marine Conservation Council very much worth the read (although not without some inherent issues). In the piece, Harnell asks some questions many people interested in sustainability and local food movements are increasingly asking. While the article is Alaska-centric, you don’t have to live in Alaska to appreciate the take home point, which is, quite simply, to ask the question: “Where did it come from?”

Consumer choice is a big part of the equation when it comes to creating more value for local fishermen and our local economies in Alaska. While individuals, markets, and eateries all have to juggle various factors when making decisions about what to buy, their seafood choices impact the businesses and livelihoods of Alaska’s small-boat fishermen, and the future health of our fisheries.

Let’s keep moving the needle and asking where our seafood comes from, how it was harvested, and make choices that support our local fishermen. Chances are you won’t get good answers to these questions now, but together we can raise awareness, and hopefully over time, create demand for more sustainable seafood harvested by our fellow Alaskans.

– Kelly Harrell, Executive Director of the Alaska Marine Conservation Council


About Ret Talbot

Ret Talbot is a freelance writer who covers fisheries at the intersection of science and sustainability. His work has appeared in publications such as National Geographic, Mongabay, Discover Magazine, Ocean Geographic and Coral Magazine. He lives on the coast of Maine with his wife, scientific illustrator Karen Talbot.
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