iPura’s Review of The Good Catch Blog

“Writer Ret Talbot presents an unflinching portrait of the seafood industry in his blog, The Good Catch…” –iPura

As many of you know, I recently had the opportunity to cover Seafood Expo North America 2014 (#SENA14) in Boston, and I wanted to take a moment to throw out a quick “thank you” to The Food Safety Blog by iPura. Throughout the four day Expo, iPura put a realtime spotlight on the diverse and engaging social media and blogging through the 4th annual “Tweet & Blogfest.” Even more than the retweets and link shares of my own work (although I do really appreciate those!), I found being connected to other bloggers through iPura to be motivating, rewarding and inspiring. Thank you!

“Tweet & Blogfest” is an event which aims to “[cultivate] a community of bloggers around the health benefits of seafood, the complexities of the industry and the efforts toward sustainability.” As anyone who has read this blog knows, that’s absolutely smack dab in the center of my area of interest. As such, I was was really flattered to receive the following review of the The Good Catch Blog:

Writer Ret Talbot presents an unflinching portrait of the seafood industry in his blog, The Good Catch, produced with the intent to “focus on how species, habitat and coastal communities can be sustained through fisheries and science.  PR hacks and marketing types, beware!  Ret catches the grit beyond the shine, the drift beyond the waves.  Asking tough questions and holding rhetoric to the fire, this commentator adds a level of passion and personal insight much appreciated in the community of seafood.


Thanks to iPura and to all my readers. I look forward to bringing more of my passion and insight to the discussion of the seafood industry throughout 2014 and beyond. I certainly don’t have all the answers, but as long as we’re having the conversation, I think we’re moving in the right direction.
The Food Safety Blog/iPura

About Ret Talbot

Ret Talbot is a freelance writer who covers fisheries at the intersection of science and sustainability. His work has appeared in publications such as National Geographic, Mongabay, Discover Magazine, Ocean Geographic and Coral Magazine. He lives on the coast of Maine with his wife, scientific illustrator Karen Talbot.
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