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Eating What’s Served Instead of What’s Desired: Mostly Good Advice

When it comes to consuming seafood, the push toward eating what it is locally abundant seems a no-brainer. In terms of sustainability, local seafood has a smaller carbon footprint than imported seafood, and abundant and underutilized species (aka “trash fish”) … Continue reading

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EcoWatch’s List of Seafood to Avoid Falls Short

EcoWatch, the Ohio-based environmental website, posted its list of “16 Popular Seafood Choices You Should Avoid Eating” today. Unfortunately, these types of posts are generally little more than regurgitated information that gloss over the details in an effort to generate online … Continue reading

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Test Results Refute Mercury Scare In Frozen Fish Food

Two weeks ago, Thomas Brown of Thomas Vision Reef reported unconfirmed test resultsshowing that “one of the top three frozen fish foods” had dangerously high concentrations of mercury in it. According to Brown, “estimated mercury levels exceeded 20 mg per … Continue reading

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Mercury Megadose? No Proof in Sight

While I couldn’t make the test results or the University that did the testing public I did share the results and the University with Ret Talbot. Who wrote an article with is take this situation and the data behind it [sic]. … Continue reading

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“Buy the Change” – Seafood Consumption Advice for 2015 from Maryn McKenna

  Maryn McKenna of National Geographic’s “The Plate” served up her New Year’s resolutions in a 2 January blog post titled “Buy the Change You Want to See in the World.” Generally speaking, I agree whole-heartedly with McKenna that taking action on … Continue reading

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Why Giving away Dogfish at the Food Pantry May be a Bad Idea

If you visited the Falmouth Service Center’s food pantry last week, you may have been offered a fillet of spiny dogfish (Squalus acanthias). Brenda Swain, the service center’s director, says they have “been working really hard on nutrition,” and she’s thrilled … Continue reading

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Local Food – Risks and Benefits

I eat local more often than not, especially since I moved to Maine. Maine is on the front lines of the local food movement, earning the number two slot on the 2014 Locavore Index behind Vermont. Being a so-called locavore is not without … Continue reading

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