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Listing More Species of Marine Fishes on CITES “Critical”

Significant action for marine fishes – by CITES, FAO, the RFMOs and many other organizations – is critical and will depend on a sea change in attitudes by resource managers and policy makers, towards proactive action for their conservation and … Continue reading

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UK Trade Association Opposes CITES Listing for Endangered Reef Fish

The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association (OATA), a UK entity created to “promote and protect the ornamental aquatic industry” announced its opposition to a CITES listing of the popular marine aquarium fish known as the Banggai cardinalfish (Pterapogon kauderni). The meeting of … Continue reading

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Eating What’s Served Instead of What’s Desired: Mostly Good Advice

When it comes to consuming seafood, the push toward eating what it is locally abundant seems a no-brainer. In terms of sustainability, local seafood has a smaller carbon footprint than imported seafood, and abundant and underutilized species (aka “trash fish”) … Continue reading

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EcoWatch’s List of Seafood to Avoid Falls Short

EcoWatch, the Ohio-based environmental website, posted its list of “16 Popular Seafood Choices You Should Avoid Eating” today. Unfortunately, these types of posts are generally little more than regurgitated information that gloss over the details in an effort to generate online … Continue reading

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Feds Recommend Increase in Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper Quota

This afternoon, the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council moved to set the controversial total red snapper quota equal to the acceptable biological catch (ABC)* of 14.30 million pounds (mp) for 2015. This quota would represent an increase of 3.3 mp … Continue reading

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“Buy the Change” – Seafood Consumption Advice for 2015 from Maryn McKenna

  Maryn McKenna of National Geographic’s “The Plate” served up her New Year’s resolutions in a 2 January blog post titled “Buy the Change You Want to See in the World.” Generally speaking, I agree whole-heartedly with McKenna that taking action on … Continue reading

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First Bluefin of 2015 Sells for Bargain Price of $37,500

The first bluefin tuna of 2015 sold at auction Saturday at the famous Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market (Tsukiji Market) for $37,500–a precipitous drop from 2013’s record-breaking $1.76 million and nearly half the price of last year’s fish. The buyer … Continue reading

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