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How Big is the Aquarium Fishery? – Another Look at the Data

On Thursday, I blogged about a LiveScience op-ed piece titled “Are Aquariums Ruining Coral Reef Biodiveristy?” In my blog entry, I explored, in part, the comparison the article’s author, Rod Fujita of the Environmental Defense Fund, made between seafood fisheries and aquarium fisheries, and, more … Continue reading

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Aquarium Fisheries and Management in the Absence of Data

  A LiveScience op-ed yesterday asked the question “Are Aquariums Ruining Coral Reef Biodiveristy?” As someone who has covered aquarium fishery issues for a number of years, this is a question I have wanted to answer on numerous occasions. More … Continue reading

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India’s Underground Marine Aquarium Trade

While roughly 90 percent of the marine aquarium trade’s animals originate on reefs, only about 10 percent of freshwater aquarium fishes have ever seen a natural ecosystem. Is the freshwater trade therefore above reproach when it comes to sustainability? Perhaps … Continue reading

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San Francisco-Based Community Fishing Association Strives to Own the Fish Higher up the Chain

By buying and selling our own fish, we can own the fish a little further up the distribution chain and return a higher value to the producers. -Larry Collins, SFCFA An article today in the San Francisco Business Times features the … Continue reading

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Oceana Sues National Marine Fisheries Service

In order to restore New England’s groundfish populations to healthy levels, we need enough monitoring to enforce scientifically based catch limits. Impartial observers on fishing vessels are crucial in getting accurate data on how many fish are being taken out … Continue reading

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