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Data Collection Tool for Aquarium Trade is Finalist in Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge

The New England Aquarium was selected as one of forty-four finalists in the Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge with a project that aims to improve the identification of illegal trade in marine aquarium animals. The project is titled “Live digital invoices for real-time data analytics … Continue reading

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Assessing Cause and Effect with Data in Hawaii’s Aquarium Fishery

Yesterday I reported on the 2015 commercial northern shrimp fishery moratorium in New England, an event where ocean warming, rather than poor fishery management, is likely responsible for fishery collapse. Today, I want to take a look at Hawaii, where anti-aquarium fishery … Continue reading

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Is the Aquarium Trade under Attack?

In recent days, the number of marine aquarium trade media outlets and trade advocates repeating some variation of the phrase “Our Hobby is under Attack” has increased exponentially. But is it true? Is the aquarium hobby or trade really under … Continue reading

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