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HB 883 Defines “Cruel Treatment” of Fishes Harvested in Hawaii Aquarium Fishery

It is four days into the 2015 legislative session in Hawaii, and there are a total of six aquarium fishery-related bills that have either been introduced or are pending introduction in either the House of Representatives or the Senate. The … Continue reading

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Remarkable Reef Fish Recruitment Event in Hawaii

“My eyes feel full when looking at this many fish. They almost itch; it’s so overwhelming.”  -Pauline Fiene, Maui-based Mike Severns Diving “In what she and others have termed a ‘once in a lifetime’ event, ‘swarms’ of small fishes appeared in … Continue reading

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New Article Exposes Dark Side of Hawaii’s Aquarium Trade…or Simply Ramps up the Rhetoic?

“Better research could lead to better management [of Hawaii’s marine aquarium fishery], or perhaps a complete ban of the aquarium industry altogether. The forthcoming change of Hawaii’s state government may assist this process.” -Elizabeth Claire Alberts in The Ecologist I’ve been … Continue reading

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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Diver Attacked by Aquarium fisherman in Hawaii

When an underwater video surfaced early this week showing an aquarium fisherman rush a Sea Shepherd Conservation Society diver and knock the scuba air regulator from her mouth, it was physical proof that the more-than-decade old battle over Hawaii’s aquarium fishery … Continue reading

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Aquarium Fisheries and Management in the Absence of Data

  A LiveScience op-ed yesterday asked the question “Are Aquariums Ruining Coral Reef Biodiveristy?” As someone who has covered aquarium fishery issues for a number of years, this is a question I have wanted to answer on numerous occasions. More … Continue reading

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Ruling in Favor of Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources Relating to State’s Aquarium Fishery

Last week I wrote about an EarthJustice lawsuit in Hawaii seeking to compel the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) to carry out environmental reviews under the Hawaii Environmental Policy Act (HEPA) before issuing any new aquarium collection permits or renewing … Continue reading

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