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Beloved Invaders – Perceptions of Non-native Species

This episode of the Beyond Data Podcast (Season 1, episode 3) was originally released in August 2018. The non-native brown trout, which the data show places a burden on imperiled native fishes, is revered in the United States, while other … Continue reading

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Beyond Data Podcast in the News

Thanks to the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station Office of Communications and Marketing for directing folks to my podcast episode Brown Trout – Beloved Invader that looked at invasive species through the … Continue reading

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First Report (and Removal) of Non-Native Surgeonfish Species in Florida

In a press release yesterday, the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) reported the first record of the non-native marine fish species Acanthurus pyroferus (commonly called the chocolate surgeonfish or the mimic lemon peel surgeonfish) in Florida waters. According to the release, the fish was first … Continue reading

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Marine Policy Paper Sheds New Light on Ecological Risks of the Aquarium Hobby

A new paper in the journal Marine Policy (“The 800-Pound Grouper in the Room: Asymptotic Body Size and Invasiveness of Marine Aquarium Fishes,” Holmberg et al.) is critical of the aquarium trade practice of selling fishes unsuitable for most home … Continue reading

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The Story behind Florida’s Efforts to Ban Lionfish Importation

On 4 March, I blogged the basics regarding two identical bills introduced to the Florida Legislature that would ban the importation and aquaculture of lionfish. As with most fisheries issues I cover, this situation is incredibly complex, and I’ve tried … Continue reading

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Snakeheads and Lionfish and Pythons…Oh My! The Risks Associated with the Trade in Live Animals

One fish, two ways. A delicacy in China, a killer in the United States. – Liz Robbins and Jeffrey Singer in the NYT On Tuesday, the New York Times published an article about a Brooklyn man, Yong Hao Wu, who is … Continue reading

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