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Special Report from Philippines on Marine Aquarium Trade Data

Some of you may be wondering where I’ve been lately, as I’ve yet to publish a single blog entry at GoodCatchBlog.com so far this month. I’ve actually been quite busy reporting from the Philippines on a fishery sector I’ve covered frequently over … Continue reading

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Aquarium Industry Lobbying Group Updates Webpage to Remove Misinformation

The Pet Industry Joint Advisor Council (PIJAC) updated its Aquatic Defense Fund webpage earlier this month to correct or remove much of the misinformation previously published on the lobbying group’s landing page for the aquarium industry. As a lobbying group, PIJAC … Continue reading

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Marine Policy Paper Sheds New Light on Ecological Risks of the Aquarium Hobby

A new paper in the journal Marine Policy (“The 800-Pound Grouper in the Room: Asymptotic Body Size and Invasiveness of Marine Aquarium Fishes,” Holmberg et al.) is critical of the aquarium trade practice of selling fishes unsuitable for most home … Continue reading

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Part II of the Sustainably Minded Aquarist Published

Part II in my ten-part series titled “The Sustainably Minded Marine Aquarist” is out at Advanced Aquarist Online Magazine. In it, I discuss why sustainably minded aquarists will go out of their way to source animals from the smaller developing island … Continue reading

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Why Point-of-Origin Matters (Excerpt)

An Excerpt from an Article co-Authored with Rich Ross and appearing in the Current Issue of Reefs Magazine Most marine aquarium hobbyists purchase animals for their tanks without much thought to those animals’ origins. This is understandable since most local … Continue reading

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Evolving Frontiers – Our Relationship with the Wildness of the Sea

My latest article, co-authored with friend and colleague biologist Richard Ross of the Steinhart Aquarium, published yesterday in Reef Hobbyist Magazine. In some ways, it represents a departure from my regular beat, and I thank editor Jim Adelberg for the concept and invitation … Continue reading

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The Story behind Florida’s Efforts to Ban Lionfish Importation

On 4 March, I blogged the basics regarding two identical bills introduced to the Florida Legislature that would ban the importation and aquaculture of lionfish. As with most fisheries issues I cover, this situation is incredibly complex, and I’ve tried … Continue reading

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Today is “World Wildlife Day.” Many of the people I have come to know through my involvement with the marine aquarium trade have enthusiastically shared this fact through social media throughout the day. They have “liked” and shared images and … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Several Years of Reporting on Hawaii’s Aquarium Fishery

I first went to Hawaii on assignment for CORAL Magazine in 2010, and for the better part of four years I have covered that state’s aquarium fishery. I expected to find a fishery full of complicated regulations and even more … Continue reading

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Sea Shepherd Launches Anti-Aquarium Trade Campaign in Hawaii

Today the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society launched Operation Reef Defense, a campaign spearheaded by Sea Shepherd Vice-President Robert Wintner to shut down marine aquarium fisheries. In the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Coral Magazine, I wrote an article called “Postcards from Hawaii” in which … Continue reading

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