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New Hawaii Aquarium Bill Prohibits Harassment of Fishers in a Marine Environment

House Bill 511 will likely be the second aquarium fish bill introduced to the State of Hawaii’s 28th Legislature. The Bill, which will be introduced by Representatives Cindy Evans, Nicole Lowen, Mark Nakashima, Richard Onishi and Joy San Buenaventura, would prohibit the … Continue reading

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Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Diver Attacked by Aquarium fisherman in Hawaii

When an underwater video surfaced early this week showing an aquarium fisherman rush a Sea Shepherd Conservation Society diver and knock the scuba air regulator from her mouth, it was physical proof that the more-than-decade old battle over Hawaii’s aquarium fishery … Continue reading

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Sea Shepherd Launches Anti-Aquarium Trade Campaign in Hawaii

Today the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society launched Operation Reef Defense, a campaign spearheaded by Sea Shepherd Vice-President Robert Wintner to shut down marine aquarium fisheries. In the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Coral Magazine, I wrote an article called “Postcards from Hawaii” in which … Continue reading

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