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EcoWatch’s List of Seafood to Avoid Falls Short

EcoWatch, the Ohio-based environmental website, posted its list of “16 Popular Seafood Choices You Should Avoid Eating” today. Unfortunately, these types of posts are generally little more than regurgitated information that gloss over the details in an effort to generate online … Continue reading

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What about the ‘S’ Word? – Seafood Sustainability Today

If you’ve been following my coverage of this year’s Seafood Expo North America (SENA15), you know I found it noteworthy how many times I heard speakers presenting in the “Seafood Sustainability” conference track speaking about the word “sustainable” in a less than … Continue reading

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“Buy the Change” – Seafood Consumption Advice for 2015 from Maryn McKenna

  Maryn McKenna of National Geographic’s “The Plate” served up her New Year’s resolutions in a 2 January blog post titled “Buy the Change You Want to See in the World.” Generally speaking, I agree whole-heartedly with McKenna that taking action on … Continue reading

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Adventures in Dogfish – Chefs Who Love the Dog Part I

At the beginning of this month, I asked the question “Can Dogfish Actually Be Considered a Good Choice?” in a blog entry about some of the follow-up to my recent dogfish story in Discover Magazine. A few days ago, I … Continue reading

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Is sustainable seafood still sustainable if you throw it away?

“[We] need to internally point fingers at ourselves…” -Michael Tlusty, Director of Research New England Aquarium A comprehensive analysis of what it means to purchase sustainable seafood may well lead to some surprising and perhaps uncomfortable conclusions. Data I saw … Continue reading

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Is Ecolabeled Seafood Healthy Seafood?

I’ve been writing some about mercury in seafood recently, which, a few of my readers have suggested, seems a little out of my wheelhouse. After all, the founding idea behind The Good Catch Blog is to focus on how species, … Continue reading

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Trader Joe’s Unexpected Jump on Greenpeace’s Sustainable Seafood Scorecard

Today Greenpeace released its 2013 Carting Away the Oceans (CATO) report, and Trader Joe’s earned unexpected accolades instead of insults from the non-governmental environmental organization. CATO is Greenpeace’s sustainable seafood ranking initiative, which it launched in 2008. Since its launch, only two … Continue reading

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A Love-Hate Relationsgip with Edible QR Code Ecolabeling

“We are growing faster than our projections. We have been record busy.” -Chef Ruiz of San Diego-based Harney Sushi The sushi is the best in San Diego and that’s probably not just because of the edible QR code tags. Nonetheless, … Continue reading

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