Ret Talbot

Ret Talbot Photography is a Division of Karen Talbot Art

4 Responses to Contact

  1. Good Morning Ret…
    I enjoy your website and was wondering if you would add the Mid Atlantic Region to your Categories?
    Greg DiDomenico
    Garden State Seafood Association

  2. Ret Talbot says:

    You bet, Greg! I actually have a Maryland story I’ve been meaning to get around to publishing! Thanks for reading, and feel free to be in touch whenever. Best, Ret

  3. Ret…just read the recent post about ESA and I just thought I would send you a positive story about Atlantic Sturgeon.
    Our approach contained no rhetoric or hyperbole just good collaborative science and a little advocacy in the right places.
    A few articles for you to consider below:

    Click to access DBL-2011-ctgy3-Nat-Feat.pdf

    Thanks again…if you need PDF’s or additional information I would be happy to provide.
    Greg DiDomenico
    Garden State Seafood Association

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